Airport Treasurers

There is something magical about taking a trip. The moment you leave the comfort of your home and work, you are just you. You can carry as much or as little of your “self” with you. Traveling can be the most liberating experience in our lives if we let it be. And yet, we move

I’ve Heard Enough

I’ve heard enough. I’ve heard enough of the outrage expressed by people I know and by people I don’t about how the young man who drove away from a cop or ran away from a cop or the young woman who played on her cell phone for too long in class and refused to put it

Thirty Days

Wedding planning and working at a high-stress job simultaneously have taught me this: I’m too focused on nearly everything that doesn’t matter while forgetting the things that do — love, faith and remembering to breathe. Luckily my body’s impulse to suck in a deep breath kicks in after a few minutes and I don’t die.

Search Results

Tonight I Googled myself to see what strangers might find when looking for me on the Internet. “Olivia Watkins” I was disappointed when the first search result revealed another Olivia C. Watkins – Clare, not Catherine. Two more results down and there I am. My Twitter account. My Facebook Account. Two websites I own (although

Path of curiosity

In approximately 75 minutes, I start yoga teacher training. I am terrified and excited. I am curious and cautious about what I may learn, both about yoga and about myself. A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law grilled me about my relationship to yoga. He wanted to know if I was “legit.” I’m still not sure

Oh, the blessings.

I am grateful, oh so grateful, for the blessings bestowed upon me. I know there will be hard times, still. Some linger with me now, hanging like an ill-fitted dress in the back of the closet. Oh, but the blessings. There are so many that my heart pumps fiercely when I think about them: The

Bunny Milk and a Nana’s Love

Memory is a tricky thing. I should say now that what follows are purely my memories and I cannot attest to their accuracy. They are, however, very fond because they are of a woman who loves me very much and spent the better part of my life trying her hardest to get to know me,

The Next Four Years

Today is all about looking ahead. As per any presidential inauguration, there was an inaugural address mapping out the direction and the course for the next four years. I, like many spectator/participants, will be watching closely in the coming years to see what gets accomplished and what does not. Certainly, the president has set a

Fear of falling … on my head

There are so many things that I have been musing on lately so I will do my best to catch up here and share them. Today, though, I wanted to share something immediate and fresh. This morning I was blessed enough to be able to step away from the chaos of the week by stepping