I’ve Heard Enough

I’ve heard enough. I’ve heard enough of the outrage expressed by people I know and by people I don’t about how the young man who drove away from a cop or ran away from a cop or the young woman who played on her cell phone for too long in class and refused to put it

We have so much potential!

Not to bombard the internet with the musing of my brain, but I feel wonderful today and simply must share. It’s Day One of resolving to take better care of myself so I woke up and headed to 11:30 class at Purusa Baton Rouge. If you haven’t been there yet, make it happen. The teachers are

TLC for My Prefrontal Cortex

I’m burnt out. Over the last few months, I’ve taken over the Bureau of Media and Communications, dealt with employee turnover, hired, counseled, messaged for the State on Ebola, West Nile virus, chickungunya, rabies, health care policy, the flu, wellness and sexual assault. I also got engaged and am planning a wedding. Cue the tiny

Am I really a Millennial?

This week, NPR asked Millennials to submit a selfie with the hashtag #NPRcensus for their New Boom project. Within the selfie, they requested the standard info: age, sex and race. They also asked for fields that wouldn’t be a part of the standard U.S. Census survey, fields that more accurately define an individual. A few weeks

The Next Four Years

Today is all about looking ahead. As per any presidential inauguration, there was an inaugural address mapping out the direction and the course for the next four years. I, like many spectator/participants, will be watching closely in the coming years to see what gets accomplished and what does not. Certainly, the president has set a

When music gets social – 225 Magazine

One epically slow Friday afternoon at my day job, I sat typing a horrendously long report—the kind that requires its own table of contents. Fridays are quiet around my office building. Rather than fall asleep at my desk, I broke through the silence with a song from Ingrid Michaelson. Then another and another. I listened

Allergic to Food

Food makes me sick — a lot. I never really knew why, though. I’ve been poked and prodded with scopes. I’ve been biopsied and even found myself in the emergency room once with abdominal pain so intense that I couldn’t stand. Through all of this, I never really had a primary care physician. Who has