A Book You Must Read (or Hear)

If we’ve been friends for an hour or more, you know that I love reading. Chances are pretty good that we’ve been to a bookstore together, or we’ve talked about going to a bookstore together, or we’ve exchanged books, or I’ve borrowed a book that I’ve never given back. (Sorry about that.) And if we’ve talked about

I’ve Heard Enough

I’ve heard enough. I’ve heard enough of the outrage expressed by people I know and by people I don’t about how the young man who drove away from a cop or ran away from a cop or the young woman who played on her cell phone for too long in class and refused to put it

Love in the Time of Ebola

I love Nick Hwang and am giddy to be planning our wedding with him this fall. We spend evenings after work talking about catering and music, flowers and invitations. In the first few weeks of our engagement, all our newly married friends warned us that scheduling was crazy so we should get on it asap.

TLC for My Prefrontal Cortex

I’m burnt out. Over the last few months, I’ve taken over the Bureau of Media and Communications, dealt with employee turnover, hired, counseled, messaged for the State on Ebola, West Nile virus, chickungunya, rabies, health care policy, the flu, wellness and sexual assault. I also got engaged and am planning a wedding. Cue the tiny

Am I really a Millennial?

This week, NPR asked Millennials to submit a selfie with the hashtag #NPRcensus for their New Boom project. Within the selfie, they requested the standard info: age, sex and race. They also asked for fields that wouldn’t be a part of the standard U.S. Census survey, fields that more accurately define an individual. A few weeks

Can I fake it till I make it?

I am terrified. I am petrified. I am so afraid of what you might think and what you might say that I am paralyzed. I am scared that I am not what I say that I am and that you will find out. I lay awake at night thinking you’ll find me out, discover that