Oh, the blessings.

Oh, the blessings.

I am grateful, oh so grateful, for the blessings bestowed upon me. I know there will be hard times, still. Some linger with me now, hanging like an ill-fitted dress in the back of the closet.

Oh, but the blessings. There are so many that my heart pumps fiercely when I think about them:

  • The job. After a brief exploration of a world mostly foreign to me, I’m back where I began in public service — the Department of Health and Hospitals as its press secretary. Not only do I get to work with so many of the incredible, dedicated people that I worked with four years ago when I was there first, but I also now get to work with my friend Christina. 
  • The community of faith. Last year, Nick and I joined University United Methodist Church. It has become home, and the members and leaders have become our friends. I am sad when we are unable to go some Sundays, but can’t get too far without hearing from Lee or Jay (at Ingleside now). I’ve never had a church community with whom I felt connected, but this is it. I am home when I am there. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the choir’s songs are warm and affecting. Nor does it bother me much to be surrounded by the beautiful stained glass windows that line the chapel walls. Seriously, stop in some time just to see the art; stay for the coffee and friendship.
  • The new niece or nephew. My sister, Heather, is about to pop — bringing the third Mulroney baby into this world. I can’t wait to be an aunt for a third time. I miss Elodie and Aidan (first two Mulroney babies) terribly, but know I’ll get to see them soon too.
  • The new Denoyer baby. Nick’s sister Gloria and her husband Aaron are about to have their second baby, a new little girl. Baby Natalie will have a little sister and we’ll have a new love to shower with affection.
  • Everything. Nick, my family, my friends, everything.

I can do nothing but smile and be happy at the thought of these blessings. I am so happy to be here, of all places, in all times.

For what are you grateful? What makes your heart burst with joy?

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