Path of curiosity

Path of curiosity

In approximately 75 minutes, I start yoga teacher training. I am terrified and excited. I am curious and cautious about what I may learn, both about yoga and about myself.

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law grilled me about my relationship to yoga. He wanted to know if I was “legit.” I’m still not sure what he meant entirely, but he nodded in agreement when I told him that I approach yoga as a way to frame the rest of my life. When things get difficult on the mat, I have to push through them. I hope that in doing so I am preparing myself to tackle difficult situations off the mat.

Truth be told, I don’t feel well when I don’t practice for a long period of time, I lose focus. My temper shortens and I let the world settle in on my shoulders.

Though I’ve been practicing off and on since I was 14 years old, I have mostly approached yoga through the asanas. It is only lately that I have begun to teach myself to meditate and have begun reading more about the other “limbs” of a yoga practice.

Today, we are gathering for our first lecture series and a special ceremony. We will be setting intentions for our training. I’m still not sure what that intention will be except to keep my heart and my mind open.

Have you gone through a similar experience before? How did you approach it?

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