Wedding Cake Blues

Wedding Cake Blues

Last week I posted about my recent diagnosis with of a disorder called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE), which means I have an allergy to some kind of food. Although I’m still not entirely sure which foods make me sick, I have discovered that cutting out gluten makes me feel immensely better. But cutting out gluten isn’t just about bread, it means eliminating nearly everything processed and anything that might have come into contact with wheat at some point in time. Farewell to pizza, pasta, oatmeal, naan, cookies, cake, granola bars, trail mix, cereal, cupcakes, crackers … the list goes on for much longer than I’d like.

Cutting gluten out of my diet has been relatively simple at home. I just don’t eat things with wheat. If I’m making something with a sauce, I can check the label.

But eating out with friends or grabbing a quick bite on the road can spell danger quickly. Not only does nearly everything have obvious gluten components — think sandwiches and fried shrimp — but little things like sauces and “corn” tortillas may still contain wheat flour.

Even worse are the things that I know that I can’t eat, but want to so badly, like the absolutely amazing groom’s cake (pictured here) at our friends’ wedding this weekend. It was moist and springy. I imagined that it had just the right amount of chocolate and balanced with a little bit of vanilla. It looked like the kind of cake that you could let sit on your tongue for a minute before chewing. I love wedding cake. I almost love it more than dancing with friends (maybe) during the reception. And this time, not being able to eat it made me so sad.

I feel a little pathetic typing this out, but not being able to eat cake almost made me cry.

Tomorrow the pity party will end as it is my first appointment with an allergist where I’m told there might be a scratch test or I may be put on an elimination diet. Whatever they figure out, part of me hopes that it doesn’t have anything to do with wheat. Either way, I know that I’m going to have to get over it. I’ll have to move on and learn to live without the bread.

In the meantime, dark chocolate squares are fare game and I’m ready to play!

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